What is "my network data"?

This is any information about people you've contacted, worked with, are friends with or just generally familiar with that you have collected through various social networks and tools.

Why do you need my network data?

We use your network data to uncover connections that you have, which may help your company discover people they may want to hire or alternatively ask for recommendations about who to hire.

What do you do when you find someone worth contacting?

When we find someone we think could be good to contact we will inform you.

We then give you the tools to contact them, however, any communication you do send to that person will come from and be sent by you (e.g. using your personal email).

Do you contact them?

We don't and will never contact them, unless required to do so for the purposes of their privacy.

If are required to contact them, we give them the opportunity to unsubscribe from any future communications and delete their data from our records if they so choose.

We're not in the business of spam and never will be.

Where is my data stored? 

It's stored securely on our encrypted servers. For more detailed information about storage and security our CTO, Nick, would be more than happy to answer questions (just reach out via Intercom and ask for him).

Do you share it with anyone?

Other than yourself and only necessary members of our team, we don't share this data with anyone else.

Can I request that you delete my data?

Yes, of course. It's your data. Simply, contact us at tech@nudj.co and we'll send you confirmation as soon as it's deleted.

I have a question that's not answered here, who should I ask?

You can contact any of our team by emailing us - hello@nudj.co

Alternatively, just reach out via Intercom (click the blue smiley looking icon in the bottom right hand corner).

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