Step 1 - Requesting your data

1 - Log in to LinkedIn.
2 - Click on your profile image (labeled "Me") in the top right hand corner of the page.
3 - Next, click on "Settings & Privacy".

4 - Scroll, down until "Download your data" and click on "Change" (right-hand side of the page)  - alternatively click here.
- Next, click on “Pick & Choose” and then select "Connections" (see image below).

6 - Enter your password and hit "Done" - you should now see a green tick with Save next to it.


Step 2 - Downloading your data

1 - Log into your email account that you use to log into your LinkedIn account, you should have received an email from LinkedIn with a link to download your data. 

If it's not there, give it 10 minutes and check again (it may also end up in your spam / junk folder, so it's worth also checking in there if it doesn't appear immediately).

2 - Open the email and click the link to download your data - this will take you back to LinkedIn Settings page.
3 - Click on the Download button and save it where ever you like.


Step 3 - Preparing your data for upload

1 - Go to where you saved the downloaded folder and double click on it to unzip it.

2 - Uploading the file to nudj is done in the app, so just head back, click "Next" (blue button at the bottom of the screen) and follow the instructions.


If you're having trouble then don't hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, if you have any questions about why we ask for this information you can find them here.

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