The aided recall survey

“Aided recall” is a market research technique that gives tiny prompts to help people recall something specific. Google’s hiring team adopted this to jog their employees’ memories to help generate more referrals. We liked this idea so much we’ve built a bespoke survey tool to help all businesses channel a little bit of Google’s magic. 

The survey is bespoke to your business and varies depending on the type of roles you are looking to recruit. It is also a great way of generating some diverse referrals geared towards identifying some talented individuals form under represented groups. 

How does it work? 

  1. You send the survey to your employees who first upload their Linkedin contacts. This provides filtering and search capabilities which helps them answer the questions.
  2. They answer 5-6 questions like ‘Who was the best manager at your last company?’ or ‘Which of your friends work in finance?’ 
  3. Each employee will end up with a list of names which they can either pass on to the hiring team or message direct from within the app. 

How often should we use the survey?

We recommend a team completes a survey once a quarter or at any point when you have a high volume of recruiting to do. Get the team to sit down together on a Friday afternoon and see how many names you can generate. On Monday you’ll have a bunch of leads to work through.

Filtering of contacts 

If you have a specific role to fill your employees can also use the search and filtering functionality which enables them to use a keyword search to discover who is in their network. 

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